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Voll Hockey Inline™ is dedicated in providing players of all ages & skill levels, the best dryland, game & training experience available. The DFX™Puck is engineered for high performance, high impact, & extreme durability. Whether at home, the rink, or anywhere your game takes you, we strive to help make the game more fun, and your game the best it can be!   



Approx. Wt. - 3.50 oz. / Official Size - 3" x 1" / 2015 Standard Puck Colors are: Navy, Black, or Silver Cores. With Orange, Red, or Yellow Glide Pins. Colors are random 

For Custom Color Requests : Please use the Contact Form on the "Contact us" page. Color options are based on current availability. (Replaceable Glide Pins can be purchased by league directors in bulk quantities using the Contact Form) 


Glide Pins - The unbreakable Snap-in Glide Pins, withstand chipping and cracking against steel posts and concrete barriers. The Wrap Around Edge Design, enables the DFX™Puck to "slip" back to the surface like a puck on ice. The Wear-Groove, lets you know when its time for replacement. For High Velocity Impact Trainingthe glide pins can be superglued.

Puck Core - Its one piece Dyna-FlexCore is constructed for greater balance and durability, while reducing vibrational shock, for lower bounce, smoother glide, and greater stability. The Dyna-FlexCore is more forgiving than conventionally rigid pucks that flip and bounce, resulting in less stability.

Its unique material and design features combine for enhanced SHOOTING/ HANDLING/ PASSING/ INDOOR-OUTDOOR PLAY/ OFF-ICE TRAINING DRILLS/ TARGET PRACTICE/ & OVERALL DRYLAND PERFORMANCE. For use on asphalt, blacktop, smooth or rough concrete, driveways, basements, sport court, tennis court, tile, urethane, deck, gym floors & more! 

THE DFX™PUCK. Get your game on now, land one today!