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Voll Hockey USA., is located in Cleveland Ohio. The DFXPuck, is produced, assembled, and shipped from our local manufacturing facility here in the USA. We successfully debuted the Voll DFXPuck to the general public during the "Cleveland Lumberjacks Street Heat Outdoor Summer Hockey Tournament's", in the late 1990's. The tournament attracted several thousand youth hockey players each year, during the summer time of outdoor competition in the Flats of Cleveland. 

The Voll Hockey Inline™ eShop - was launched in May of 2015, in support of net marketing, sales, distribution, & promotions. Our Customized Team Pucks are available exclusively at select NHL & AHL arena team shops, facilities, kiosks & boutiques. The DFX™Puck is patented & registered, in both the USA & Canada.

Customizing & Promotional Events:

Let us discuss your team or organization's authentic logo puck and matching colors for your Marketing Campaigns , Fundraisers or Premium Promotional events. 

 For additional company information, and league volume discounted pricing: 

Call or e-mail us at the contact below.

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Tel: 1.440.299.7825 (PUCK)                                                                     

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