DFX™ Inline Hockey - Roller Hockey Pucks (3-Pack)

$ 27.97

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Customer Reviews

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Best company to deal with and best hockey pucks on the planet .

Jack Blackfelt
A little spongy

Here in Maryland in June the temperatures generally stay above 80 and get up to 100.
While I do like that the pucks are thick so they don't slide underneath and through gaps in the boards while retaining the same weight as most brands of plastic pucks, as soon as they become relatively warm they get spongy. One can literally squish them back and forth in one's hand, so the release off of a stick with sufficient flex or torque makes for a very soft and slow wobbly shot. It's kind of like a wiffle ball effect. It's a shame because they settle really well and don't roll that easily. Perhaps a higher density plastic that keeps its shape and high temperatures would fix the problem.

Brian P.
Will using for our local league!!

Play goal this has a nice feel when taking shots.

Justin Kane
April 2022

Great puck! Slides in driveway, easy to control, doesn't flip on end a roll like most conventional street hockey pucks. Great item.