DFX™ Inline Hockey - Roller Hockey Pucks (12-Pack)

$ 99.00

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Customer Reviews

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Haley G
Awesome pucks for smooth concrete

Huge fan of the DFX pucks for our outdoor rink in Charlotte. They seem to be the ONLY puck we can keep flat on our surface. Recommend 100%

Douglas Reed
Well, it’s a great puck

I second everything that Cameron said.

Robert Kelly
Favorite go to puck for training, stick handling, and street hockey

This puck is the best gliding and safest to play with in the house and avoiding crippling injuries due to its design. This is the puck I have all my players and sons use to get them to get in more stick handling time and game play. Well done!

Cameron Wolsleger
They work amazing

I play hockey with a group and we don’t have a fancy play to play, these pucks work perfect on any surface and they aren’t super heavy. We can use them anytime and they simulate on ice puck movement. Best roller pucks on the market.